My goal as a concept artist is to always convey to the audience a visual story - told not through words but through the characters and environments I create. By way of detailed character bios, thought out lore, and even fully conceived planetary histories, the characters and environments I portray rise above their separate parts and coalesce into fully encompassing game worlds.

            The areas of focus I pursue in my artwork are: color, texture, game readiness and engaging content. Each of these is important when developing your visual narrative and each are aspects on the forefront of my mind during the creative process.

            One of my main passions in concept development is the bold use of color and texture.    I actively pursue the use of saturated and bright colors - dull and muted are not necessarily well used words in my vocabulary. Texture and material is also another aspect I always implement into my art. A bridge between my 3D and 2D love is my strong passion for creating hand-painted texture maps and tile-able textures. A huge inspiration from my past has been the World of Warcraft series. Their low-poly models and hand-painted textures are always a standard of excellence I strive towards emulating.

            As a versatile artist, I relish the chance to expand upon my 2D design work by translating my drawings and ideas into the three-dimensional creations. My 3D modeling abilities include: both large and small game assets, organic and hand surface modeling, with attention toward game ready, fully optimized models.

            As an artist I draw on a wealth of knowledge to add an extra layer of depth to my work. Knowledge of current game trends and technology to classical sources such as history, literature, writing, architecture, fashion, politics and even psychology all aid me in developing fully immersive game experiences. Providing that relatable, playable and yet distinctly unique entertaining experience we all crave.